Cargo Securing Systems,

20 years of Global

Lifex Corded Strapping Systems are produced with highest industry standards and are perfected over 20 years of global experience. We keep serving our products and services to the global transit packaging industry.

About Lifex

Cargo Safety and Customer Care

are Our Top Priorities

Lifex products are certified and continuously tested. We always have the right product for the right application. Our products are DNV – GL tested and certified. Our Management system is BVQI - ISO9000 certified.

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Master of One-Way Packaging
and Cargo Securing Systems

Lifex has a wide and global distribution network with efficient and fast access to the market. We can direct you to the closest distributor located in your country.

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Lifex Products meet
the most demanding safety standards.

Lifex products are continously tested to meet challenging cargo safety tasks. Excellent shock absorption properities are ideal for long distance and long period transportation.

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Widespread customer network
Fast service, fast supply network
Best quality and price ratio
Reliable and experienced supplier

Why Lifex?

Lifex Product line is used for palletizing, unitizing, bundling (replacing steel strap) and lashing applications; Competitive alternative against steel or other strapping and packaging options.

Competitive alternative against woven strapping for securing complete loads in containers, etc. Competitive alternative for one-way cargo securing system (eg.steel, ratchet or heavy steel wire)

As Lifex we manufacture products used to unitize, secure and protect goods during production, transport, ware-housing. We have the advantage of serving a very diverse customer base operating in broad range of industries and activities. This is our source of inspiration for creating this complete range of product solutions for cargo safety.

Properly chosen and applied Lifex products will provide higher protection against Cargo damage and transport safety.
Product Properties
» Very light and portable
» High joint efficiency
» Corrosion resistant
System Properties
» Excellent shock absorption impact resistancy, long period transportation
» Protects your brand
» Wide Lifex product range
Usage Advantages
» Cost effective alternative to steel
» Easy and fast to use
» Easy disposal
Widespread customer network
Fast service, fast supply network
Best quality and price ratio
Reliable and experienced supplier
Lifex Products
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Your Global Partner

We have developed a deep expertise in One way packaging and Cargo securing systems.

Our global foot-print enables us to serve a wide range of distributors and end users. We are proud to be an essential partner for protecting your products and your brands.
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